Remove Image Links: WordPress Plugin

The problem this plugin solves

Right now, all over the internet there are people clicking on images on WordPress sites for no purpose. Why?

As a mouse cursor passes over an image, they see a hand cursor, indicating that the image is a link to something, like this…

Link hoverover

On clicking, to their surprise, all they see is an image of the image…

Link hoverover clicked

They then need to use the browser’s back button to return to the web page.

This is NOT a good user experience because it undermines the convention that clickable images are real links. There may also be negative implications for search engine optimization (SEO).

Why does this happen?

This occurs because, by default, when an image is added to a post or a page from the media library, WordPress adds a link to an image itself if the writer forgets (or does not know about) the need to click the ‘No Link’ button at the time of insertion.

When this plugin is activated

  1. The link field for new images being inserted is blank by default.
  2. The link code in existing posts and pages is not deleted but it is not outputted, meaning that readers can no longer click on the images.
  3. Links to web pages or documents from images are not affected.

Download the plugin

Download from the WordPress Plugin Directory: Remove Image Links. Please rate it there too!

Source of the plugin

The plugin was coded by Shinra Web Holdings from an idea by Steve Hards, of SteveHardSoft. It is licensed to users under the terms of GNU GPL, version 2.