The SteveHardSoft Client Promise

I promise that I will

  • Only offer you services from which you will actually benefit
  • Not overcharge you
  • Alert you to any potential dangers to your business
  • Look out for you, even when it means doing some overtime or free work
  • Be as responsive as possible to your calls, emails and questions

In return I hope that you will

  • Come to me every time you need help with the things I can do
  • Recommend other business owners to me

Generally, this site is ‘cybernating’

Meaning that it does not have much active content at the moment, but I suggest you visit my active sites:

Telecare Aware Telecare and Telehealth News Site
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Opazity PowerPoint Add-in

FillSlammer PowerPoint Add-in

Briarwood 1000

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and client’s sites:

Penton Heating

Or email me, Steve Hards, by clicking this link.